Flower LOVE: Home is where the heart is

by - 5:11:00 PM

My paradise is a wonderfull garden with a hidden library and a pina colada ( even better if served by a handsome hunk, but that's optional). I've been surounded by flowers all my life and I can still feel the sent of peonies and dragonflowers that my nan used to have in her garden.

Soft cocktails are perfect to be served in the garden!

Its so strange nowadays to see them in another light always rediscovering them either in a bouquet of daysies given by my loved ones or a bunch of roses bought for the dinner I'm about to serve. Flowers are addictive and we shall talk about them so many times on a million things to love (as I love them with all my heart). 

Today I give you soft colored roses to keep you happy all day long!

Home is where your heart is and where your flowers bloom!

So tell me lovelies, what are you favorite type of flowers?

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