Home LOVE: The perfect Brazilian home

by - 5:57:00 PM

I love modern architecture, in both its simple structure and its more complex style. Today we're looking at a Brazilian project that to me seems perfect. Not sure why Ii love it so much but it was a love at first sight.

Fair to say i would add hell lotta blinds to this place ( a girl needs her privacy) but there's something in those straight lines and amazing location that drives me wild.

Should I mention the pool - I think I should mention the pool. Guess learning how to swim should be on my bucket list so having a quasi Olympic swimming pool in my front yard would help.
That's an amazing sky! Imagine waking up to this everyday!

General infos:

Project : Osler House
Location : Brazil. DF
Project start date : March 2006
Project completion : January 2008
Site area : 797 square meters
Built area : 270 square meters
Architect : Marcio Kogan
Co-architect : Suzana Glogowski
Interior Design : Diana Radomysler, Marcio Kogan
Team :  Oswaldo Pessano, Renata Furlanetto, Lair Reis, Samanta Cafardo, Carolina Castroviejo, Eduardo Glycerio, Maria Cristina Motta, Mariana Simas, Gabriel Kogan
Landscape Architect : Renata Tilli
General Contractor : Abacus Engenharia
Photos : Copyright Pedro Vannucchi

So tell me lovelies, are you loving the simple modern designs or are you more into the old fashion style?

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