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Grab a simple bookmark button, wisely named clip, and that it! What's it? Well, a simple and fun online activity that will help you organize all your cyber life! Ya!!! Exactly that amazing tool that will make all your loved online items become one: it's called clipix and you'll love it. I do so and I'm sure you'll like it very much as well.

Why should you use it? Well, let's make a quick recap - how many nice pair of shoes have you seen today? 20, 30? Did you like them all? Probably some pairs didn't get saved on your pc, but what if you'll rethink it and remember them tomorrow? If you remember the website where you first saw them then you'll probably go back to that website, redo all your search and in the end find them. If you do not remember there goes a whole day search for that great pair of shoes.

Not sure if that happens to you daily but I can assure you that it does to me. So I'm really happy I found clipix. It's a great way to store items I like from other sites or blogs but also a great way to organize my own stuff - look for instance here I made a clip board with all my favorite wedding gowns.

For sure you can use it to store books, articles or anything you like. It's your own fun tool that will help you keep organized.

And the fun thing is that this easy and nice tool will make you save a great amount of time! You'll sure love it!

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