Fan notes: Cayetano and other details

by - 4:14:00 PM

I thought I should do a post that would refer a bit more to the world of bullfighting and the figures I discovered trough my fan notes about Cayetano :).

Here you have a very young Antonio Ordonez, Cayetano's maternal grandfather, and one of the most important matadors in Spanish history.

Imagine from the movie Paquirri inspired by the life and tragic death of Francisco Rivera "Paquirri ", Cayetano's father - iconic matador that died in the ring when our maestro was just an infant.

Here is a very cute picture of Carmen Ordonez, Cayetano's mom, when she was just a baby.

And here's her niece Cayetana with her son, Francisco Rivera, Cayetano's brother. Yeah, tehy all are gorgeous.

Ps.Here's Finito de Cordoba - no connection to the subject... he was just amazing when young :P.Couldn't help it and had to post.

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