Lady of the Hearth

by - 6:49:00 PM

Lady Luck (Fortuna, Tyche, Laima) (100%)  
Spring Maiden (Persephone, Igraine) (80%)  
Wild Woman (Artemis, Diana, Kali) (80%)  
Wise Crone (Hecate, Ceridwen) (80%)  

Beautiful Enchantress (Aphrodite, Freya) (60%)   
Respected Arbiter (Themis, Maat, Syn) (60%)   
Earth Mother (Demeter, Gaia, Danu) (40%)   

Lady of the Hearth (Brigidh, Hestia, Vesta) (40%)   
Sovereign Queen (Rhiannon, Hera, Isis) (0%)   
Spear Maiden (The Morrigan, Athena, Sif) (0%)   

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