Give Autumn a Cool Twist

by - 3:24:00 PM

 Creating outfits for autumn it can be at times a real pain as we all miss summer so much (not sure about you guys, but I sure do). So at times I really like to dress fierce and opt for a combination that isn’t as usual as many would think.

What i love to do is pair a very elegant gown with some cowboy boots or ankle boots and a nice leather jacket. You can also go for a full cowboy look with a cool hat or an inspired hair style. It is a great way to spice the boring sweater-jeans combination so often seen in autumn.

Also don’t forget to add a personal touch using unusual colors. You probably saw that everyone goes for browns, reds and plum colors - don’t make the same choice. Opt for bold colors or even white, I find it extremely flattering to opt for an elegant white gown that will make you stand out anyday.

This is a great way to dress for a more formal event but you can also add a plaid shirt tied at the waist for a more non conventional look. The most important thing is to feel great in your outfit and bring a cool twist to your wardrobe. This is also a fabulous way to use the dresses that you don’t wear so often.

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