Moon sign: Aries

by - 7:06:00 PM

Aries Degree: 12° 43'

Energetic, impulsive, sporty, straightforward, quick to act. Likes simplicity and honesty, cannot bear boredom.

The Moon in Aries makes an individual energetic, impetuous and impulsive. Even if at times he or she might seem calm and cool outside, inside they are full of fidgety urges. Quite unexpectedly for those around them, and sometimes even for themselves, these people can suddenly get involved in an adventure, make a decisive step, or go to the other side of the globe under the influence of a bright new idea.

It is simply essential for the Moon in Aries to somehow release the energy of this hot-headed sign, and so it is quite common for an individual with this Moon to go into sports (REAL sports, not chess!).

Moon in Aries people see life as a permanent battle or competition. Even if everything goes smoothly, without effort, their Moon in Aries will find something to struggle for.

Since the Moon rules unconscious reactions, people with the Moon in Aries react very quickly and automatically. Later, when they become more conscious of their actions, they may regret what they've done, but, alas, patience and prudence are not their strong points.

If their life is too stable and dull, Moon in Aries individuals might protest against this, and this can show as health problems - possibly inflammatory disorders of digestion or an allergy. The Moon is also associated with skin, and the skin may become reddish, with pimples or a rash. Moon in Aries can also be prone to headaches, sleeplessness (especially when overworked or overexcited) and eye problems.

To get rid of stress, Moon in Aries needs to somehow spend excess energy - to have a run, to punch someone (if not physically then emotionally), or break something.

It is not easy for Moon in Aries to be a parent. It just cannot be unobtrusive and steady. Its pedagogical style is more like a cavalry charge, and a slap on the wrist can be its main argument.

Moon in Aries people often think of their mother as an active and energetic person, and the main thing which she taught them in life is not to be idle and that they should pursue their goals.

Housekeeping may serve as a safety-valve for these people, especially for women. They have plenty of energy for cleaning, repairing, cooking, but this happens in bursts, and if something isn't completed until the end of such a burst, it will be abandoned until the next time. Normally, the Moon in Aries can be a good cook (if it doesn't burn something in a haste), but everyday cooking is seen as humdrum and boring.

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