3 rules to enjoy your meal togheter

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I'm one of those people that loves eating alone, just grabs a sandwich and carries on with work ( or Candy Crush :P). It is a habit i took sometimes in my college years and never seemed to shake it off. But recently I rediscovered the happiness of eating together, either with a special person or my own family, and I realized how much more you appreciate the tiny details of a meal when you are not alone.   

That's why today I'm gonna preach about why you should grab your sandwich and tease your loved one by eating it together :)) here we go: 

1. Stop making it special

I'm guilty of that, I am the one that has to have it all right and has to prep the dinner table till it collapses on its own bling. No, we must stop thinking on eating together as a special moment! It's the daily no-nonsense meals that are special and must be shared with the ones you love.

2. Eating is not a meal

Sometimes we just don't seem to find time to eat together, and I must say I'm guilty of that because working as a blogger means I have a tone of free meal time while my better half and my family have little to no time to dine or lunch with me. But eating together doesn't mean meeting at 7 pm and have dinner or being at 2 pm sharp for lunch - eating sometimes means grabbing a cupcake and sharing it with the one we love. Enjoy the small moments of eating together. 

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”  – Luciano Pavarotti

3. Keep it on the Italian note

Since I was a young child I've been involved in family meals, either my nana would ask me to bring her ingredients or, when i grew up, she would ask me to prep a salad or cut the bread. These seem to be called chores today, well they weren't when i grew up, they were just tiny details that made my dinners and lunches great. I think you would enjoy it too if you would prep your dinner with your family more often. Try it!

Either you will make your own meal or buy it, if its breakfast, dinner or lunch, if its on your own or with loved ones, make sure you have a great time. Enjoy your cookies, loves!


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