5 types of shoes to buy and why

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Give me all the shoes in the world and I would still crave some more. What makes us women love shoes more than any other accessories? Not sure about the reason but I sure know that 5 types of shoes must never ever miss out of your closet ( make that an walk-in-closet). 

1. The comfy ones

I'm guilty of not choosing comfy shoes most of the time but lately I rediscovered my passion for no heel super comfort shoes - yeah I'm talking about Converse, flip flops and any other lovely comfortable shoes you might prefer.

2. The designer ones

Well I'm no Carrie Bradshaw but who can say no to Manolo Blahnik or Christian  Louboutin? You mustn't spent you rent money for them all day every day but once in a while your landlord will understand. 

3. The crazy ones

Coming from someone who just took off her fairy dust neon pink shoes you might not be so surprised I'm telling you about a crazy print or color shoes... you know you want your animal print shoes, 

4. The nude ones

One pair of shoes for a million and one outfits, that's the nudes definition! You can wear them with crazy outfits or everyday all day at work :). Choose wisely go for medium heels and they will last you a lifetime ( or a season depending of what kind a fashionista you are).

5. The 'I feel like a princess' ones 

Not sure what's going on in the above picture ( wink wink) but I'm pretty sure the shoes had a radical thing to say. Sometimes you just need a special pair of shoes that make you feel like a million dollars even if you're broke. Find yours and let me tell you, you will love every minute of earing them and they will be worth every penny you spent on them 

So tell me loves, what is the absolut pair of shoes you can't live without or leave the house without? 


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