Love weddings: Make a statement

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Weddings are straying away from the norm these days in a lot of ways. Whether it’s a punk rock theme with a skull cake,or a forest-theme out in the open air. There’s one part of their special day that no bride wants to forget though, and it’s the feeling she has when she finally looks in the mirror on the morning of her wedding.

That’s why so many brides are choosing to stray away from the traditional wedding setting by making a statement of their outfit. There are plenty of ways to do it, you just have to get creative, and here are the top ways to go about it…

Statement hair
Whether it’s a fishtail plait braided with flowers and crystals or an up-do with attitude, many brides are looking to their locks for inspiration as to how they can get a truly unique look. Consider your theme for some inspiration, as it can be a good way to tie everything together. For a 1920's theme, go for pin curls and a feather fascinator. If you’re going for a plain and simple dress, why not embellish your hair with a lace headpiece instead? If all your groomsmen are wearing bow-ties, I wonder what your guests would think if you turned up with your hair in a huge bow-tie?

Be bold with makeup
Don’t afraid to go bold with colours. A dark red lipstick can look stunning against the pale tones of your outfit, or why not look into some funky eye make-up that matches your wedding colours? Whatever thoughts you have, discuss them with your stylist first. If you’re living in the North West, you’ll be able to find a highly-qualified and experienced hair and makeup artist in Manchester, who also has training in theatrical work. If you’re thinking of going bold, this is the best kind of knowledge you can have on your side.

Update the veil
Who said veils had to be long, white and boring? Your outfit should make you feel happy and comfortable, so if you want to move more towards the crazier veils, then what’s stopping you? Again, you can look to your theme for inspiration. If you’re going down the tea party route, why not have a little Mad Hatter’s hat made to match your dress? If you’re having a ceremony on the beach, why not go for a starfish clip with a blush pink, shortened veil across the face?

Theme up your dress
You only have to remember one thing about your dress: it’s yours! You can do whatever you like to your dress and it will still be “the one”. If you want to customise it and make a statement with it, then don’t be afraid to. Add a belt of ivy leaves and matching headdress for a summer garden wedding, or talk to your dress maker about adding some colour with a lace overlay.

I hope you found these tips useful – how did you make a statement on your wedding day?

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