Happy places

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Gelatto anyone?

Living a happy is living in the moment and enjoying every single piece of happiness you get. Sometimes it might be a beautiful flower or a tiny smile from a baby. It might be small or huge but all that matters is that you will take and milk it until go to bed.

Milano's is the perfect spring trip

The Vittorio Emanuele Galleries are perfect for a high end snack

Sometimes we believe happiness is like a college degree, we got it, we put it on the wall for everyone to see and it will be yours forever. And happiness is anything but that. Happiness is living in the moment and enjoying it all, not thinking of what was and what will come; just acknowledging the moment and enjoying it.

Galeria Vittorio Emanuelle

So tell me lovelies what is your happy place today? Mine is dreaming of a short weekend in Milan and an amazing flower garden ready to bloom - it's march so it won't be long.

Duomo di Milano

View from the rooftop of the Milan Cathedral

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