How to fall back in love with your life?

by - 5:23:00 PM

Oh life is such a beautiful thing.. when you look back at it! Cause when you actually live it, it sure seems like a pain. We feel happy when something ends and we look forward to the next moment forgetting immediately how much we hated the road.

So how can you fall back in love with your life?

1. Be more grateful

Keep a daily journal with the things you are grateful for and the details that make you happy ( yup you guessed it A Million Things to Love is my diary :) )

2. Be more present

Take a moment to enjoy small things that happen daily. And i mean enjoy it - take that 45 minutes to watch your favorite TV show without thinking of what you will cook for dinner, take 20 minutes to read your favorite books and immerse yourself in reading without thinking of that issue at work.

3. Find a new hobby

It doesn't have to be expensive or over the top - sometimes the smallest new hobby can give you a new view on life - take scrap booking for example.

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