Hello again

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Dolce and Gabanna Alta Costura 2020

When I first started blogging the world was a different beast, it was easier to just take your words and create a story. Now, most likely your words will never reach anyone. This thought has made me anxious, unwilling to write and for a couple of years i was completely lost. 

It's hard to desire the writing process ye be unable to do it. 


Macedonian Gold Trasure, Greece ( Thesaloniki Museum)

So I decided to return to what I know best... giving my own two words about the thinks I love and find extremely interesting. I won't put to much pressure on myself as I don't want to overdue it like in the past, but I will try to post as much as I can and I would love to learn more about what you want to hear about and what interests you as of late. 

Keep in touch.


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