3 Great Ways to Start Writing Again

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I've struggled with writing for over 20 years now and I often shared with you the pain it has brought, from doubting myself to stop all and never look again on my stories. The problem is never ideas or ways to express the process but rather writing in itself. It might seem like a silly thing but the hardest part of writing is writing itself, having that moment when you and your ideas blend and become a "real" thing. 

Why? When you write freely you don't know whether what you are writing is ok or not and you end up rethinking every single word you type. So what I do is trick myself into the process.

1. Write whatever, whenever for a "minute"

Well maybe a bit more than a minute but allow yourself the freedom of writing no matter what. You wrote something yesterday and now you have no idea how to continue? Worry no, write something completely different and stop worrying you won't finish.  Yes, most certainly you won't, but at least you will exercise your writing. 

2. Let spelling do the trick

As you might already know, english is not my mother tongue (far from it), so my "writing" English is nothing posh or elegant,. it's rather bland and repetitive. But the thing is, I will never "get better" if I never practice it! So let your worries aside and write in whatever language you like, either you are an expert or not. You will make mistakes but you will also get better and better each day.  Also, if you find yourself stuck, use as many languages as you know :D, that might "unstuck" you for a while. 

3. Try to reach for the end

One of my biggest dreams is to have a published book, so I try to surround myself with books (that comes as such a  surprise, said no one ever) and to picture the end in mind. Yes it's part of the whole positive vibe community but it's a very useful way to help you realise you are actually working towards a goal. But avod to give yourself deadlines that you can't keep up. Wello talk about that more in my future articles.

Let me know if you will try any of these tips and please share your writing struggles!

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