Learning from your mistakes

by - 11:03:00 PM

It's never easy giving up those stubborn habits that make you go on the wrong path over and over again. No mater how hard you try when building new habits or building a new paths for yourself you will make the same mistakes. It's not something you do, but what we all rather do. 

A habit is ingrained in yourself and will forever try to get you back to when that said habit was at its peek. Let's say you are trying o watch less flix, guess what - all the new movies will bombard you to watch them. No, there's no conspiracy, just the lack making you notice each and every single one of them.

So, how do we learn after all?

1. Build new rules

But don't follow them strictly. It would be amazing if all our new habits would form in an instance but the truth is, they don't. So don' be bothered if once in awhile you slip up ( ok, maybe more that once, but you get my point). Don't give up on eating healthy just because you had a donut yesterday and don't cancel your subscription to learning Spanish just because you can't seem to remember anything.

2. Give it time

You'll hate me if I tell you will need 4 years to do anything but ... it's the truth. I wouldn't want to be the one telling you nothing will change in a month, it would be nice but most certainly it won't. Some things happen over night but most of them take time and often time effort. No, its nothing supernatural but its long and it has its up and downs.

3. Enjoy your success

Small steps are still steps. That's one of the things I've learned. Some will say you shouldn't take each step as a success but I do.  I enjoy each and every small step I take or rather I make myself realise and enjoy it. Cause life it's not the end but rather the journey. 

So, tell me, what mistake you last made? 

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