These dolls will change your view on art

by - 11:09:00 PM

Who knew dolls could be an art form? I most certainly didn't and you  can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon these couture inspired little things. I was completely blown away by the level of artisanship and detail these true artists offer.

Popovy SIsters, art and form

My "research" began with the Popovy sisters whom I found through an interview they made early last year. It's easy to get lost in their work and wonder if its a simple doll or a new view on fashion and humans. One of the most beautiful detail of each Popovi doll its their detailed hairstyle, you can see all the work by following their YouTube channel. I highly recommend you do.

Nigel Chia, haute couture for dolls

It's a sad day when you realise some dolls have a better wardrobe than you have. But that is true with each and every DeMuse doll.

His main goal for the future of the brand is to transform Nigel Chia name into of one synonymous with innovative, contemporary with high fashion vibe.

You can also purchase his clothes in normal size :D.

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