Stories to be told...

Happiness has always been my number one quality, people will go past me  smiling and at times they would just stop and say hi, telling me how positive and solar I am ( in Italian they have a word for this “solare”; you gotta love the Italians). I quickly learned to use my biggest weapon in school and fend from the people that were negative or who tried to bully me. I went to finish school, uni and started working, always with a  big smile on my face and a positive overview on life.
But somehow, somewhere I forgot how to be happy. Negativity, constant pressure, sarcasm and pure evilness just got to me and one day things started getting grayer and grayer until one day a pitch blackness covered me.
Some people call it depression, other social anxiety and some call it stupidity… I don’t know what to call it other than melancholy. In a single day my happy self became melancholic and never looked back. But you cannot have black without white and you cannot have darkness without a dim of light. Slowly but surely I started rediscovering the things I loved, the small things that made a huge difference, the movies I loved and music I danced too… the people I fangirled on … and those beautiful images that inspired me.

Things to be loved...

  1. A million things to love is my journey to rediscovering the things I used to love and the things that I am willing to love
  2. I want you to smile, laugh, get inspired and occasionally wipe a tear of your cheek. Life is an amazing gift we all received from the Universe and we should love it as we should love all things around us.
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